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We are Manufacturer, Supplier (and also Services Provider) of Industrial Fabricated Products, Industrial Fabrication, Sheet Metal Fabrication, SS (Stainless Steel) Fabrication, MS (Mild Steel) Fabrication, Structural Fabrication, Aluminium Welding Fabrication, Sheet Rolling Fabrication Services / Works. We offer Engineering Design Services like CAD Design (Computer Aided Design) Services, Engineering Drafting Services, Assembly Design Services, (Assemblies Designing Services), Engineering Designing and Analysis Services, Cost Cutting Solutions (Cost Reduction Services), Prototype Design Services, Engineering Development Services. We Provide Duct Fabrication / Rolling Services (Sheet Metal Ducting), MS (Mild Steel) Ducting Fabrication, SS (Stainless Steel) Ducting Fabrication, Aluminium Ducting Fabrication, Galvanized Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication, High Speed Couplings (High Speed Shaft Couplings), Industrial Safety Guards Fabrication, MS Mild Steel Foundation Bolts, Grooves For Strenghthening, Industrial Pipe Fabrication, Pipe Bending Fabrication, Piping Stations Fabrication, Pressure Vessel Fabrication, Pressure Vessel Tanks Fabrication, Process Equipments, Structural Fabrication, Industrial Sheds Turn Key Projects, Sheet Metal Canopy Services / Work, Material Storage Bins, Fix Guards, Grooves For Perforated Sheets, SS (Stainless Steel) Metal Cap (Sheet Metal Cap) / Metal Sheet Rolling, Industrial Spray Painting Services, (Prefabricated Structural Shed) Industrial Structural Shed, Industrial Storage Shelves / Racks, Industrial Aluminium Ladders (Aluminum Wall Supporting Extension Ladders), SS (Stainless Steel) Stool, MS Platform Trolleys, SS (Stainless Steel) Platform Trolleys, MS (Mild Steel) Gas Cylinder Trolleys, SS (Stainless Steel) Gas Cylinder Trolleys, SS (Stainless Steel) Welding Chairs, Assembly Hall Chairs from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

About Us


THERMODYNE INDUSTRIES has successfully worked in INDUSTRIAL FABRICATION for more than 20 years. It is a FABRICATION UNIT with SKILLED LABOURS AND HIGH QUALITY OF WORK. Over the years it has made critical and complicated many fabrication projects efficiently. THERMODYNE INDUSTRIES has been providing its service to the leading manufacturers in INDIA.

THERMODYNE INDUSTRIES located in well developed industrial area with complete infrastructure at Gujarwadi, Katraj, Pune, India. We serve for "GOOD QUALITY, PROMPT SERVICES AT COMPETITIVE PRICING WITH NEW CONCEPTS AND TECHNOLOGIES".

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Our Services

Industrial Fabrication Services / Work

Industrial fabrication is the process of manufacturing and producing products or components for use in various industries, such as construction, automotive, aerospace, and electronics.

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Engineering Design Services / Work

Engineering design services may include Drafting, Design & Assemblies, Analysis, Cost Cutting Solutions, Prototype, Development & Supporting work.

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Exclusive Fabrication Services / Work

Exclusive fabrication refers to the process of creating unique, one-of-a-kind products or structures that are designed to meet the specific needs or requirements of an individual or organization.

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Why Choose Us

Thermodyne Industries Location and Overview Thermodyne Industries in Katraj, Pune is a reliable name in the industry as they aim to deliver the best experience to their customers. This has helped them build up a loyal customer base. They started their journey in 1998 and ever since they have ensured that the customer remains at the centre of their business operations and philosophy.



20 Years


Industrial Products, Industrial Fabrication

Material Storage Bin

Material Storage Bins

Pipe Bending

Pipe Bending Fabrication Services / Work

Piping Sations

Pressure Vessels Fabrication Services / Work

Structral Work

Industrial Structural Shed Services / Work

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